The Shop

Miri Orenstein is an Israeli artist, currently based in Los Angeles. Miri earned her Bachelor of Design in Visual Communication from the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem, and an Associate Diploma in Photography from Wizo Design Academy.

After working as a graphic designer and an illustrator, Miri was looking for a new way to cultivate her creativity. This led her to the ceramic art realm. Working with raw material such as clay has forced Miri to leave her comfort zone and take a leap into a new practice, which has changed her way of thought and practice. Since she has been focusing on ceramics, her work has become much more intuitive, honest, and true to itself.

These days, Miri creates in her Hollywood studio, where she practices and develops her unique ceramic work while pushing her boundaries with new artistic approaches.


The Process

All of the ceramics are wheel thrown or hand-built with hand painted illustrations. Every piece is a bit different as a way of a small hand made production. In addition, all the women's illustrations on top of the ceramics are a bit different in each one which promising that the piece that you will receive is one of a kind!

The hand made prints made with block printing technique, which is a process of carving the negative and stamping with specials inks for etch purpose. The digital prints are printed on a great quality papers that picked carfully by me.


I’m a designer, Illustrator and ceramist based in New York, originally from Haifa, Israel. In 2010 I got my photography diploma from Wizo design academy and in 2015 I received my visual communications degree from Bezalel academy of art. after I graduated I worked as a designer and Illustrator in the top branding studios in Tel Aviv and worked with a leads companies and brands. in 2016 I made a change and moved to New York. That big change made me driven to look for a new ways for expressive my own creative and style and this is how I stepped into the ceramic world. This days I'm an associate artist in Brickhouse Ceramics Center where I'm working and developing my ceramics collections.