The Shop

I'm a designer, illustrator, and ceramicist based in New York. For years I have been painting and illustrating women's characters, usually without a fulfilling purpose. After moving to NYC from Israel, I began to take pottery lessons. I instantly fell in love with the process and the ability to make my own product from start to finish. After extensive training and practicing on the wheel, I began making small batches of handmade ceramics, combining my love for design, craft, Illustration, and photography.

In the shop you will find 'my women', finally with a purpose. Each one has a character, personality, and voice of her own. They adorn functional or decorative items that will brighten your day. Each piece is unique in design, with different ladies making yours truly one of a kind!


The Process

All of the ceramics are wheel thrown or hand-built with hand painted illustrations. Every piece is a bit different as a way of a small hand made production. In addition, all the women's illustrations on top of the ceramics are a bit different in each one which promising that the piece that you will receive is one of a kind!

The hand made prints made with block printing technique, which is a process of carving the negative and stamping with specials inks for etch purpose. The digital prints are printed on a great quality papers that picked carfully by me.


I’m a designer, Illustrator and ceramist based in New York, originally from Haifa, Israel. In 2010 I got my photography diploma from Wizo design academy and in 2015 I received my visual communications degree from Bezalel academy of art. after I graduated I worked as a designer and Illustrator in the top branding studios in Tel Aviv and worked with a leads companies and brands. in 2016 I made a change and moved to New York. That big change made me driven to look for a new ways for expressive my own creative and style and this is how I stepped into the ceramic world. This days I'm an associate artist in Brickhouse Ceramics Center where I'm working and developing my ceramics collections.